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Hi everyone, I'm Anatole. Welcome to my website !

Looking for an intership in marketing in a startup which refers with new technologies

My name is Anatole, I’m a French student from European Business School Paris. I’m a creative person and I like teamwork. I’m very diplomatic and I know how to deal with people.
I love sports and I’m passionate about music and new technologies. Therefore, I'm looking for experiences and I want to learn new skills in those topics In addition, I'm looking for a 6 months internship from January 2019 which can be linked to what I like. I would like to create my own start-up. In order to achieve that, I should discover more the universe of marketing because it is a domain in which I feel confortable and passionate about. I went to San Francisco during march 2018 with my school. Indeed, it was a great opportunity for me to discover a new culture, the one of the United States. I have never been there so it was a pleasure for me to learn new things and particularly about Silicone Valley. San Francisco is clearly a place where everything is possible for young entreprenors ! I learned many things about entrepreneurship, the bay area ecosystem of Silicone Valley, the digital marketing and other topics… Finally, I went to Silicone Valley in order to discover new things and new aspects of the business world. I tried to understand an other state of mind witch is very different than the european one. I went to a Google networking event in order to have a better understanding of what the concept of startups is all about. I saw people from all around the world who came to share their ideas and points of view. It was a very rewarding experience.

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